Board of Trustees

Grace Episcopal School (GES) is a parochial entity of Grace Episcopal Church and thus functions as an extension of the educational and pastoral arm of Grace Episcopal Church. GES is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees who are charged with developing policies, overseeing the school’s management, ensuring financial stability and strategic planning for the future. The Board is responsible for hiring, evaluating and supporting the head of school, who serves at the discretion of the Board. Because the Board’s primary responsibility is furthering the mission statement, philosophy and goals of the school, the day-to-day management of the school is delegated to the head of school. Because of the close relationship between the Church and the school, the Grace Episcopal Church Vestry has ultimate responsibility that the school is managed wisely and soundly and thus the Board serves subject to the final approval of the vestry. School board membership includes sufficient representation of parishioners, combined with non-parishioners, to ensure a strong church presence and to sustain the school’s continuing Episcopal identity. Responsibility for the Christian identity of the school rests upon the shoulders of every member of the leadership team: vestry, rector, board, head, chaplain, faculty and staff.

2018-2019 Board

Michael Ryan - Chair 
Wendy Colvin - Vestry Representative
Todd Colvin - Vestry Representative
Beverly Jarrell
Bart Liles
Wendy Napoli
John Pruitt
Amber Shemwell
Kara Watson Sims
Dana Taliaferro
Dr. Beth J. Ricks: Head of School