Test Scores

STAR Tests: STAR testing is part of our Accelerated Reader program.  Star testing helps us to:  

  • Assess students' reading levels in less than 10 minutes.
  • Receive accurate, reliable, norm-referenced reading scores including grade equivalents, percentile ranks, and normal curve equivalents.
  • Determine the appropriate level of challenge for each student to personalize practice and individualize instruction.
  • Predict results on high-stakes, standardized tests, including ITBS, CAT, SAT, and TerraNova.
  • Track growth in student reading achievement longitudinally, facilitating the kind of growth analysis recommended by state and federal organizations.

 Accelerated Reader: We begin utilizing Accelerated Reader (AR) in Kindergarten for students who are ready.  The purpose of the AR program is to build a lifelong love of reading in every student.  With AR we are able to: 

  • Make essential reading practice more effective for every student.
  • Personalize reading practice to each student's current level.
  • Manage all reading activities including read to, read with, and independent reading. Assess students' reading with four types of quizzes: Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice, Literacy Skills, and Textbook Quizzes.

 We believe very strongly in this exceptional program which helps support our commitment to individualized instruction. Accelerated Math: Accelerated Math (AM) monitors the progress of mathematical skills practice. It generates individualized assignments and tests, corrects assignments and tests, and records and reports results for immediate feedback. Each assignment or test is based on data from assignments. The student will be eligible to test on a math concept when he/she has correctly answered a set number of questions about that concept. Students using AM are responsible for completing assignments and tests, reviewing incorrect answers, setting appropriate goals based on their abilities (with teacher assistance), and discussing progress with the teacher. Teachers are responsible for planning instruction, instructing small groups and the whole class, motivating students by setting individualized goals and providing feedback, intervening when students are struggling and need additional assistance, and monitoring progress via reports and discussing assignments and tests with students. We at Grace do not use AM to replace our homework or our testing methods.  AM is used strictly as a tool to provide students with an opportunity of extra practice at their own pace.  Through this program, students who are at an advanced level also have the opportunity to work ahead even into the next grade level.  It is the teacher's decision whether or not to count the assignments as a class activity or participation grade.  Parents are able to view their child's progress online through the Renaissance Learning website.  The website also gives the students the capability to score practice assignments at home so that they are not restricted to the classroom setting.