Uniform Grades 1-5

Dress Code

The uniform of Grace Episcopal School denotes the distinction of the Grace student.  It also serves to ensure creative order and to alleviate inappropriate social pressure.

The responsibility for appropriate uniform dress is first the responsibility of the parent. 

The Uniform Policy will be enforced by faculty and staff throughout the day. 

Parents are responsible for:

  • Purchasing only regulation apparel
  • Maintaining an adequate supply of laundered uniforms and ensuring that faded uniforms are replaced
  • Supporting discipline that is imposed by teachers and administrators

Dress Uniform

Boys                                                                                    Girls

Khaki slacks                                                                        Houndstooth jumper

White monogrammed Oxford Cloth dress shirt                  White monogrammed blouse with Peter Pan collar

Grace necktie                                                                     Houndstooth skirt (5th grade only)

Navy blazer                                                                        White monogrammed oxford cloth shirt (5th grade only)

Dark colored socks                                                           White socks/navy tights/white tights

Dress shoes                                                                      Dress shoes

Solid belt (navy, brown, or black)


Daily Uniform
Boys                                                                                  Girls

Navy shorts                                                                       Navy shorts/pants

Navy pants                                                                        Navy skort

                                                                                         Houndstooth shorts/skirts/skorts

                             Houndstooth jumper

                             White monogrammed blouse with Peter Pan collar

White monogrammed golf shirt                                              White monogrammed golf shirt

White monogrammed turtleneck                                            White monogrammed turtleneck

Grace sweat shirt                                                             Grace sweat shirt

Grace hoodie                                                                    Grace hoodie

Navy cardigan                                                                  Navy cardigan

Solid belt (navy, brown, or black)

White socks                                                                     White socks


***Review General Guidelines, Grace Gator Day Attire, and Free Dress Day Attire.