Dress Code

General Guidelines

Boys must wear their neckties throughout the designated Dress Uniform day.

Dress Uniform shoes must be conservative in color.  i.e.  navy, brown, or black

The hemlines of all girls’ shorts, skorts, and skirts must be no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee.  Skirts may not be rolled up at the waistline.

Daily Uniform shoes are optional in color and style, but sandals, cowboy boots, Birkenstocks, Crocs, Uggs and flip flops are NOT to be worn. No backless shoes.

Socks should be void of pronounced labels and colored trim.

All undershirts should be white and void of writing other than the P.E. shirts that have the Grace emblem.

Belts must be worn at all times when belt loops are present.  Students in PreK3 and PreK4 are exempt.

Students may wear the Grace fleece jacket, the Grace sweat shirt, or the navy cardigan with their daily uniform on cool days.  On Wednesday, students may wear the navy cardigan or the navy blazer as appropriate.  Students may wear other outerwear to school and to walk to the chapel or to the lunchroom.  It is not appropriate to wear other outer wear during class time.

Leggings are not allowed.  Navy or white tights may be worn.

Jewelry should be conservative.  Necklaces should be worn inside the shirt.  Earrings should be in ears only. 

Make-up should be conservative.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts may wear their complete uniforms when appropriate.

Athletes may wear the shirt to their uniform with khaki shorts or slacks on game days unless it falls on Wednesday.  Cheerleaders and Gatorettes may wear their uniforms on Pep Rally days and other days that are designated. 


Logo Sizes for MonogrammingThe dimensions for the monogrammed logo are 2.84 wide x 2.84 high.GES (script - ½”) is monogrammed on Girls peter pan collars.GES (block - ½”) is monogrammed on Boys dress shirts on the pocket.Retail StoresSchool Time, 1325 Louisville AvenueMonograms Unlimited, 2114 Forsythe AvenueH. Mickel, 2106 Forsythe AvenueLand’s End, landsend.com/schoolGrace Gator Day AttireGrace Gator Day is held on the last Friday of each month.   

Students who elect to participate in Grace Gator Days pay one dollar which is used for projects for the privilege of wearing the following:

a Grace Gator Day t-shirt
khaki, white, or blue denim shorts/capris/pants
tennis shoes 
Sweat pants, Birkenstocks, sandals, Crocs, Uggs and flip flops are not allowed.
Only athletic shorts purchased through PTF may be worn.  No other athletic shorts are allowed on Grace Gator Day.