Annual Fund

Dear Parents and Friends of Grace Episcopal School,
The Annual Giving Campaign makes a difference in the lives of our children, and Stephanie and I have the pleasure of serving as this year's Chair family for the 2015-2016 school year. Stephanie and I, along with our three children, moved to Monroe in August 2013 as our eighth carreer-driven relocation in the last 19 years, and one of our first concerns was for the education of our children.
We toured each school in the Monroe/West Monroe area hoping that we would find one that was a social, academic, spiritual, and cultural fit for our children. While we quickly found a high school for our two older children, we struggled to find the best fit for our yougest daughter, Shea. However, once we hit the front doors of GES and met Beth, we knew that we had found a home where our daughter would have a school where she would thrive for many years.
Money generated by Annual Giving provides resources that push school projects to even higher levels including the purchase of advanced technology, improved recreational areas, and the hiring of staff to enhance the quality of academic life. Of the three ways the school fund raises, this is the primary campaign that we ask everyone to join in and support. Over the past 3 years, parent participation has risen from 18% to 42%. This year, our goal for parent participation is 85%. Participation is the key to success, and no gift is too small. The average gift is $400, but every gift, no matter the amount, will count towards our parent participation goal. Every gift is 100% tax-deductible.
Your participation matters! Our goal this year is $75,000.00. To reach this, we need all members of the Grace Episcopal School Community. Every contribution - large or small - will be gratefully recieved and wisely used.
As chairs for the Annual Drive and on behalf of Beth, we thank each of you for your consideration and generosity to help GES acheive these goals. If you make one gift to Grace this year, please consider Annual Giving.
Thank you in advance for your contribution,
Scott and Stephanie Tresize, Co-Chairs of the Annual Giving Campaign