Do I have to be Episcopalian to attend Grace Episcopal School?
No. While Grace is a mission of Grace Episcopal Church, our students have diverse religious backgrounds.

How does Grace approach teaching religion to other faiths?
Grace is a Christianity based school and all teachings uphold and enforce these beliefs and values. Chapel services are Episcopal in nature, while religion classes are based on the Bible.

Does my child have to attend chapel and religion classes?
Yes, chapel and religion classes are required of all Grace students.

Do Grace students wear uniforms?
Yes. Students in Pre-K 3 through Grade 8 do wear uniforms.

Does Grace have a lunch program?
Yes. For the 2018-2019 academic year, lunches will be offered Monday through Thursday by Picadilly. There will be nutritional diverse lunch offerings for $5.00 each. On Fridays, the 8th grade parents offer different "fast food" options, usually pizza or Chick-Fil-A. Lunches are ordered through the class of 2019, and proceeds are used to offset the end of the year 8th grade trip.

At what age can students begin applying to Grace?
Students must turn 3 by September 30th of their enrolling year. For first grade, students must turn 6 by September 30th to begin the school year.

Do you have a waiting list from year to year?
Waiting lists vary by grade level.

What kind of assessment is given to applying Pre-K and K?
Applicants in all grades are given an entrance assessment.  For the Pre-K and Kindergarten students, this assessment is conducted by a teacher in the classroom and aims to gage the school readiness of the child. Areas included in the assessment are: Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Cognitive Development, Math/Pre-Math Skills, Reading/Writing Readiness, Social and Emotional Readiness, and Speech Development.

Does Grace give scholarships?
Financial Assistance is available on a need basis.

What is the teacher/student ratio?
The student/faculty ratio for 2018-19 school year is 8:1. The average class size is for a Pre-K or Kindergarten class is 15 students with a teacher and an assistant in each classroom. The average class size for grades 1 through 5 is 16 students per classroom. The average class size for grades 6 through 8 is 10 students per classroom.

Does Grace provide transportation?
At this time transportation is not available.