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What will you remember about the years you will spend at Grace Episcopal School? Some of you will remember the classrooms, others the beautiful grounds our school sits on. When many of our graduates reflect back upon their time at Grace they recall memories of athletics, close friendships, memorable class trips, and our annual traditions we hold so dear.

Grace offers options that are suitable for each and every child. There are sports of all kinds, student led clubs, service learning opportunities, and chances to connect with other students at Grace and beyond. We allow our students to explore and develop their interests, faith, and discover ways of serving others in the local community.

Our Campus

Grace Episcopal School is located in the heart of the Garden District of Monroe, LA. Our school and Grace Episcopal Church take pride in maintaining our grounds and facilities so that all children feel right at home whether they are in their classroom, cafeteria, gymnasium, or church. All of these places put together result in the best possible learning environment for your children.


The students at Grace participate in weekly religion classes, as well as attend chapel and Holy Eucharist services. We invite our entire Grace Community to visit us during one of our church services. It is a very special time our students enjoy together and is also a part of Grace that our alumni often recall when reflecting on their years spent here.

Chapel Schedule: 
Monday: 8:00 Kindergarten-5th Grade
Monday: 8:30 PK 3 - PK 4 
Tuesday: 8:00 Middle School
Wednesday: 8:00 1st Grade - 8th Grade Eucharist Service